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Affiliate Relationships

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To expand our ability to serve customers, the ImportOptics.com team has set up affiliate relationships and long-term partnerships with a select group of optics firms who share our vision of client-centered service.  These include:

Network of Chinese Manufacturing Affiliates: Xuhua maintains in-house capacity to manufacture a broad range of plane and spherical optics, reticles and prisms.  In order to source lenses for which Xuhua does not currently have required specialized equipment or expertise in-house, and to expand capacity for high-volume orders, the ImportOptics.com team maintains relationships with a network of affiliate manufacturers, all of which are also privately- or collectively-owned Chinese optical facilities.  These affiliates have all undergone rigorous quality screening by senior Xuhua personnel, and have demonstrated capacity for providing on-time, in-spec manufacturing to the standards that ImportOptics.com customers require.  Even so, the ImportOptics.com team provides full quality control: all affiliate-manufactured product is screened in Xuhua’s in-house Quality Assurance Center before the lenses or lens systems ever leave China, and then again upon arrival in the United States.

Alliances with Key U.S. Quality Partners: Our Consulting Engineers provide turn-key optical design and engineering solutions.  Our in-house Quality Assurance Center in China routinely inspects dimensions, sag, surface cosmetics, and other basic parameters of optical quality.  And our Consulting Engineers provide a second layer of Quality Control after lenses arrive in the U.S. 

In order to provide our customers with the fullest possible range of optical design, engineering, and quality assurance capabilities, the ImportOptics.com team also maintains relationships with a select group of U.S.-based optical design, prototype, manufacturing, and quality control facilities.  The ImportOptics.com team consults with clients on a case-by-case basis to determine where cooperation with a Manufacturing Affiliate and/or Quality Partner will add value to a given custom-manufactured product.

For medical optics, we work exclusively through BioVision Technologies, LLC.
For more information on BioVision, please press HERE

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