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The ImportOptics.com Team

Dr. Paul Ruben: Offering significant practical professional experience in the design and engineering of a wide variety of optical systems, Ruben has served for more than 40 years in a variety of assignments both as an independent Consulting Lens Designer and as lens designer, optical engineer, project leader, and supervisor and for Eastman Kodak, Wollensak Optical Company, and Bausch & Lomb, Inc.

Ruben's creative solutions have resulted in 41 patents.  His advanced lens designs for both imaging and laser systems have been delivered to a variety of clients.  These designs include a variety of zoom lenses, projection lenses, micro-projection lenses, viewfinders, photographic printing lenses, anamorphic systems, wide angle camera lenses, infrared and ultraviolet lenses, copy lenses, catadioptric systems, aerial lenses, microscope objectives, extremely long focal length lenses, semi-apochromatic lenses and special application lenses.  His research papers have appeared frequently.

Click here to see Dr. Ruben’s CV, and a detailed list of his more than 40 patented optical inventions.

Click here for Dr. Ruben’s LIST OF QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF when considering custom-designed lenses.

James F. Shaw, CPA:  Jim is a founding member of Strebesana Resources, LLC.  He has been with Strebesana since its inception in 1993, with responsibility for handling all financial and tax functions.  He has direct contact with his counterparts in Xuhua on these matters, and visits China as needed to interface with Xuhua management.

Jim’s background includes thirty-four years of experience in public and private practice as a CPA.  After five years as a staff member of a Big 8 accounting firm, he became the Controller and later a Vice President of a Publicly Held Company with international operations and annual revenues in excess of $100,000,000.  Subsequent to a seven year stay at this company Jim returned to public accounting, and is presently a partner in a Rochester, NY CPA firm. 

Jim’s experience with accounting, tax and international transactions equip him to assist our customers in the challenging process of importing optical goods manufactured by Xuhua.

Rebecca Weiner:  Rebecca has more than a decade of experience in Greater China –including senior positions with the China operations of a major telecommunications firm, and with a leading communications and government relations agency.  Together with Jim Shaw and her late father, Herb Weiner, Rebecca founded Strebesana in 1993. 

Today Rebecca handles China issues for Strebesana, ensuring a smooth flow of information from clients and Consulting Engineers to the custom manufacturing facility and back.  She handles linguistic and cultural issues, and advises on China Customs and other government issues.

A regular writer on China affairs, Rebecca is co-author of Living in China and of the forthcoming Shanghai at Your Door, and contributed to The China Guidebook, the Handbook of Popular Chinese Culture, and Chinese Intellectual Property Law and Practice.  She is a member of the National Committee on U.S. – China Relations and of the U.S. – China Business Council.

Xu Hanming: Xu is a classic bootstrap success story. Starting with a high school education, Xu became a technical line worker in one of China's premier state-run optical instrument factories. Working his way up to foreman, Xu showed an avid interest in study, and began completing requirements for an engineering degree on a part-time basis. After a decade of manufacturing experience, and with the new title of Engineer, Xu left the blue collar ranks and became an engineering manager, a position he held at increasingly senior levels for more than 10 years after that. In 2000, with more than 20 years of hands-on optical manufacturing, engineering, and senior engineering leadership experience, Xu left the state-run firm to become a co-founder of Xuhua, together with Xie Yu. Today Xu is a partner in and co-director of Xuhua, with responsibility for leading the firm's technical/engineering, manufacturing, and Quality Control teams.

Xie Yu: Xie was born in Shanghai, and graduated from the Shanghai Machinery College with a degree in Optics. Assigned to one of China's premier state-run optical instrument companies, Xie Yu started out doing technical specifications for that firm's import-export department. He worked his way up through nearly 15 years in that firm, doing optical marketing, import-export management, customer use projections, and a full range of other business aspects of optical manufacturing. Leaving the state-run firm in 2000, Xie became a co-founder of Xuhua, together with Xu Hanming. Today a partner in and co-director of Xuhua, Xie handles all business, marketing, and import-export issues for the firm.

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