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Product Ranges and Tolerances

Ranges and Tolerances for Optical Components

Ranges and Tolerances for Reticles

100% of importoptics.com product is custom-manufactured.  We carry no off-the-shelf products.  Our experience includes custom-manufacturing expertise of:

  1. Optical components:

  1. Planar optical components, including reflecting mirrors, wedge components and similar.

  2. Spherical lenses, including convex and/or concave lenses, meniscus lenses, concentric lenses, super half-sphere lenses, cylindrical/columnar lenses, and similar.

  3. Optical prisms, including right angle prisms, quadruple prisms, pentagonal prisms, equilateral prisms, rhombic prisms, half-pentagonal prisms, equilateral roof prisms, cone prisms and prism assemblies.

  1. Optical reticles:
    Our reticle expertise includes planar cross-hair reticles, cross-hair reticles with concentric circles, straight line scales, curvilinear scales, optical circle scales, optical rules, and testing plates for ophthalmic instruments.

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