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Ranges and tolerances for Reticles

In addition to generalized expertise in flat and spherical optics, the ImportOptics.com team has strong capabilities in reticles.  Based on customer-supplied masters, we can produce photo-chrome or emulsion on glass reticles, or other replicas on any glass type in virtually any size. 

Our reticle experience includes:

  1. Reticles used in metrology instruments and microscopes, etc.

  2. Reticles used in ophthalmic instruments

  3. Cross-hair Reticles/Cross-hair with concentric circles

  4. Straight-line scales

  5. Optical rules

  6. Optical circle scales

Our ranges and tolerances for optical reticles:

  1. Cosmetics: 20-10

  2. Accuracy of line width: 0.002 mm

  3. Error of distance from any line to zero position line: 0.005 mm

  4. Concentricity: <0.2 mm
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