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Shanghai Xuhua Optics
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Shanghai Xuhua Optics, Ltd.

Xuhua is a privately owned custom optical manufacturing and quality control facility based in China’s Optics Capital: Shanghai.  Founded in 2000, Xuhua is a partnership between two senior Chinese optical experts who collectively represent more than a half-century of experience in quality manufacturing: optical engineer and quality assurance expert Xu Hanming, and optical manufacturing and marketing expert Xie Yu.  Before 2000, Xie and Xu were senior managers within one of China’s leading precision optical manufacturers, the first to independently manufacture optical metrology instruments in China, and a key optical supplier to China’s Navy and Naval defense systems.  For many years, from their positions inside that state-owned optical firm, Xie and Yu worked with Strebesana to jointly serve customer needs.  But the team's best efforts often hit against the limits of a state-owned enterprise with limited global experience. 

With economic reform, Xie and Xu proved their mettle as entrepreneurs as well as optical experts, founding Xuhua as a vehicle for bringing their expertise in optical manufacturing to bear on providing consistently on-time, high-quality custom-manufactured optics. Today Xuhua operates a wholly-owned custom-manufacturing facility in Pudong, Shanghai with some 20 employees, making lenses, reticles, and optical sub-assemblies for some of the best-known companies in optics.

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